Every business starts with a name and that name has to be memorable in the minds of your client base. The main reason for this is that potential customers will remember your website address and find you easily in search engines. Another great reason for having a memorable domain name is so that you can be recommended by existing clients to potential new business.

The one thing to remember is that if you don’t have a domain name yet it can be very tricky to find the one you want as new domain names are being registered every day and have been since the early 90’s.

It may be possible to find the domain you are looking for on the aftermarket. Domain names have been trading for many years and Kingdom Design has over 4 years experience of buying and selling domain names and has many contacts in the industry to source and negotiate the purchase of these names.

A Logo design is key to a business’ brand identity. Think of Adidas’ 3 stripes, Nikes swoosh or Amazons a-z arrow. You don’t need to see the name to know who the company is when you see these logos. Kingdom Design has all the talent and resources to design the perfect logo for your brand.

Colour theme for a business can denote many meanings as colours are associate many different connotations. This is why when we develop your site we need to know what message you want to send your visitors as the colour theme can affect their emotions and ultimately decide weather they use your service or not.